Economic Impact

America's 2013 Report Card for fta 2016America’s Infrastructure grades are a comprehensive assessment of infrastructure conditions across America, but what does D+ infrastructure mean to America's economy?

In 2011, ASCE commissioned a series of economic reports called Failure to Act, to provide an objective analysis of the economic implications for the U.S. on the current investment trends in key infrastructure sectors. In 2016, ASCE updated the series findings to reflect current conditions, Failure to Act: Closing the Infrastructure Investment Gap for America's Economic Future. These reports cover 10 of the 16 categories addressed by the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, and give specific figures on the cost of infrastructure inefficiencies, including the:

  • cost to each family’s disposable income
  • impact to American jobs
  • added cost to U.S. businesses
  • overall impact to the U.S. economy

The 2011 and 2012  infrastructure sector specific reports of the Failure to Act series are:

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